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Main strategic goals

Key strategic goals of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA for 2016-2018

  • Strengthening its leading position in domestic market
  • Increasing the position in the market of complete facilities for powersector and industry
  • Expanding to foreign markets
  • Improving operating effectiveness
  • Investing in development of products, competence and organization

To achieve general strategic goals the company has to attain many specific targets in various perspectives:

  • internal processes
  • employment
  • knowledge and development
  • customer
  • export
  • investing
  • financial

internal processes perspective

  • Building the organization focused on synergy effect, creasing the efficiency and active risk management.
  • Development of the production activity and innovativeness of the offer.
  • Boosting the effectiveness of operating activity.

employment perspective

  • Flexible employment policy.
  • Implementation of BSC-based motivating system focused on strategic goals.
  • Maintaining the productivity of employment (external sales / average paid employment) on the level around 600 – 625 thousand PLN.
  • Growth in profitability of employment (net profit / average paid employment) by 30%
  • Maintaining the productivity of remuneration (external sales / remuneration fund, net of overheads) on the level 9- 9.3
  • Growth in profitability of remuneration (external sales / remuneration fund, net of overheads) by 25%.


knowledge and development perpective

  • Implementation of corporate management suport systems of ERP class supporting designing (3D) and material management, documents management system DMS.
  • Development of employee competence. Maintaining the budget for training on the level of 1.5% - 2% of the remuneration fund.
  • Unification of the development standards of managing and organization of activity in order to increase efficiency and quality of operation.
  • Implementation of lean management in the Production Division to streamline the processes and reduce costs.

customer perspective

  • Maintaining market share of the existing products and complete power facilities (average annual orders received target: ca. PLN 500m).
  • Increasing the Company’s share in the market of complete facilities for power generating sector and the industrial sector (average annual orders received target: ca. PLN 280m).
  • Scaling up the activity in foreign markets and increasing the share of export activity in the Company’s revenue (average annual orders received target: ca. PLN 145m).


investing perspective

  • Investments in product development and extension of the production scope by including the devices increasing the standard and quality of products.
  • Development of the organization in the sphere of marketing and export service.
  • Preparing the organization for acquisitions targeted at complementation and extension of its offer.

financial perspective

  • Average orders received over PLN 1bn.
  • Average external sales on the level of ca. PLN 1.1bn.
  • Growth in net profitability from 3.9% to 5.0%.


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