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Sustainable development

Home page 3. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA on WSE Sustainable development

Within the sustainable development strategy ELEKTROBUDOWA SA lays considerable emphasis on:

Environmental aspects

The main goal concerning environmental aspects consists in preventing pollution through application of new, environment-friendly technologies, rational waste management, emission and effluent control and reducing the consumption of natural resources.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is identifying the essential areas of direct and indirect impact of its activity on the natural environment on a current basis. The analysis of environmental impact allows to take effective measures limiting the scale of the Company’s impact on biodiversity in the places where our activity is carried out and reducing the use of raw materials, water, fuels and energy.

Every year the Company prepares the Environmental Management Plan, the targets and tasks of which are assessed and then further actions are taken in order to mitigate negative impacts on the environment.

Labour policy

Principal objective of the labour policy is the application of standards provided in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA does not use forced or compulsory labour, does not employ children and also counteracts any forms of discrimination in respect of employment and kind of performed work. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA respects the right of employees to associate and to collective bargaining. The company reasonably collaborates with society partners, undertakes preventive actions in the sphere of occupational health and safety, counteracts loss of employment, establishes honest principles of remuneration and offers benefits in excess of privileges prescribed by law, and also applies relevant procedures of investigating complaints and grievances and disciplinary procedures.

Like in previous years, in 2016 cooperation with the Company’s trade union organisations was very good. Throughout that period there were no labour disputes. Neither was the Company a party to collective bargaining with the trade union organisations active in the company.

The Company has a long history of cooperation with academic centres in Poland. Until 2015 we have concluded cooperation agreements with the Silesian Technical University in Gliwice, the Katowice School of Economics, Faculty of Electrotechnical Engineering, Automatics, Computer Science and Electronics of the University of Science and Technology in Cracow (AGH), the Mining and Electrical Engineering Vocational Schools in Konin and the Electrical Engineering Secondary School in Jaworzno. In December 2016 the Company signed an agreement with the State University of Applied Sciences in Konin on cooperation in dual teaching. Under the cooperation agreements the Company supports the process of shaping professional careers of students and graduates, including participation in drafting traineeship and internship programmes and supporting employment of students and graduates, mutual presentation and promotion of achievements and carrying out joint research projects.

Every year we take part in career fairs organised by universities and presentations in many colleges and schools in Poland, during which we can portray our company and its activity and disclose our recruitment plans. In 2016 the company representatives visited a number of universities, among them the University of Technology in Gliwice, Częstochowa University of Technology, Lodz University of Technology, Wrocław University of Science and Technology, Gdansk University of Technology, Poznan University of Technology, Bialystok University of Technology, Warsaw University of Technology, Opole University of Technology, West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin and AGH University of Science and Technology in Cracow.

In 2016 we continued the programme Practical Training Live targeted at students of the final year of such faculties as: Electrical Engineering, Automatics and Robotics, Power Engineering and Electronics. Successful applicants are offered a two- or three-month traineeship in the Tests and Commissioning Unit, a Design Office or at the construction site. Participants of the programme can familiarize with the specifics of working for ELEKTROBUDOWA SA. They are given an opportunity to gain professional experience, for example in commissioning tests, and to broaden their academic knowledge, and an opportunity to write a master thesis in cooperation with the company. Whenever possible, the best student trainees are offered permanent employment in our Company. The programme had 12 participants in 2016.

Social commitment and charity

The main goal in respect of social commitment is engaging the stakeholders and integration with local communities. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is maintaining the policy of open communication with local communities in social consultation related to the operating activities of the Company and immediately informs the local communities about any potential hazards.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA maintains its conscious policy of supporting social activities in the scope of charity, social policy, health protection and promotion, acting for the benefit of national minorities, science, education, culture, art, protection of national heritage and culture protection, promotion of physical education and sport, promotion and organization of voluntary service.

Supporting social activity is exercised through donations in cash or in kind for public benefit entities or the entities performing public tasks.

In 2016 the Company earmarked 103 thousand PLN on charity, most of it for health protection and promotion.

For many years the Company has been cooperating with the Municipal Kindergarten No. 24 with Integrated and Special Classes in Jaworzno in respect of funding the purchase of rehabilitation equipment for disabled pre-school children. The Company does not donate directly individuals, political parties, government or self-government administration entities.

For the last few years the employees of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA have been involved in the all-Poland charity campaign Szlachetna paczka (“Noble Parcel”), in 2016 we supported another struggling family, by raising funds to buy the requested things. A few employees of ELEKTROBUDOWA took part in a charity relay race Katowice Business Run, a part of the all-Poland project Poland Business Run, to support Jasiek Mela Foundation Poza Horyzonty (“Beyond Horizons”).

Business environment

A priority in the relations with business environment is transparency of operations of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, and informing the company’s shareholders, on a current basis, about conducted business activity and the economic and financial situation.

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA complies with the requirements of “Best Practice for GPW Listed Companies 2016”. The Company applies anti-corruption procedures and provides training for its employees in the issues of ethical supply chain and anti-corruption practices.
The Company evaluates its key suppliers and contractors in respect of human resources, OHS regulations, corruption preventing and environmental practices.

Business ethics

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has a Code of Ethics in place, which exemplifies key ethical values of the Company. Each employee of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is obliged to read the Code of Ethics and adhere to its recommendations. The Company and employees acting on its behalf are obliged to comply with laws and respect the rules of social coexistence and good manners in the countries where the Company conducts its business operations. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA does not tolerate any acts which are illegal, unethical or threatening the interests of the Company.

Implementation of the Company’s objects in accordance with the principles set in the code of ethics is manifested by establishing in 2016 a function of Fraud Risk Manager whose duties comprise: identification of the areas of business activity which are susceptible to fraud, and also conducting systemic actions aiming at detecting and examining the reasons of irregularities, fraudulent or corruptive acts, and appointing persons responsible for different areas of such actions and defining their scope of responsibility.


Since 1996 ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, as the company listed in the Warsaw Stock Exchange, has been meeting its information obligation to publish, in the form of current and periodic reports, defined therein information relating to the Company, giving a fair, true, and complete view.

In 2016 the Company submitted, on a current basis, the reports in the way enabling investors to assess the impact of the disclosed information on the economic and financial situation of the Company. ELEKTROBUDOWA SA published the required current and periodic information through the Electronic Data Transfer System ESPI and Electronic Information Base EBI.

Beside financial reporting ELEKTROBUDOWA SA is also committed to non-financial reporting. As a member of UN Global Compact, since 2009 the Company has submitted annual reports on its progress in implementing the principles of the Global Compact Initiative, assuring about its constant support for the Initiative and informing about actions taken in the areas of 10 Principles of Global Compact.

In 2016 ELEKTROBUDOWA SA prepared and published on its website the social report summing up the actions in the sphere of CRS currently taken by the Company. The report will be based on the international sustainability reporting standards Global Reporting Initiative (GRI 4), focusing on those aspects which reflect significant economic, environmental and social impacts of the organization and which have substantial influence on the company’s evaluation by the stakeholders and on decisions taken by them.

Diversity policy

Since 2009, as a part of the diversity policy applicable to the supervising and governing bodies of the Company as well as its employees, ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has formal rules of equal treatment in employment and counteracting mobbing practices implemented.

The purpose of these rules is to ensure the employees right to be treated with respect in their working environment, with respect to their personal interests and dignity, to ensure equal treatment in employment and to counteract abuse, sexual harassment and mobbing.

Since 18 November 2015 ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has been a signatory of the Diversity Charter, an international initiative launched in such European countries as Poland, France, Spain, Italy, Austria, Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Ireland, Finland, Estonia and Luxembourg, and promoted by the European Commission.

The Diversity Charter is a written obligation signed by organisations which declare to introduce the prohibition on discrimination in the workplace and decide to undertake measures to create and promote diversity and declare their readiness to involve all employees and business and social partners in such activity.

Throughout 2016 the Company provided training for its employees, with the purpose of promoting the rules of equal treatment in employment and counteracting mobbing practices.

In 2016 there two cases of preliminary investigation concerning a breach of the rule of equal treatment in employment, in which the Investigating Committee did not identify a breach of the rule of equal treatment in employment.

In 2016 the were no instances of mobbing practices reported.

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