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Major events

Major events in 2016

  • January

    01.01.2016 Mr Janusz Juszczyk takes the office of President of Management Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA.

    01.01.2016 Mr Piotr Janczyk takes the office of Member of Management Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA.

  • February

    09.02.2016 20th Anniversary of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.

    25.02.2016 Mr Wojciech Paleczny appointed as Vice President of the Management Board.

  • March

    Rationalization of the Company’s internal structure.

  • April

    Resolution of the Annual General Meeting of the Company to pay dividend for 2015 of 4 PLN per share.

    Resolution of the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of „KONIP” Sp. z o.o. based in Katowice on dissolution of the company and opening its liquidation.

  • May

    A contract with Amec Foster Wheeler Environment & Infrastructure, Inc. based in the US for the erection of electrical and automation systems, including supplies, related to the construction of Aegis Missile Defense System Complex, European Phased Adaptive Approach, Phase III Construction Contract in Redzikowo.

    A contract with Polimex Opole Sp. z o.o. Sp. k. for the supply of auxiliary materials and installation of electrical equipment packages, the supply, pulling, connecting and sealing of cables and earthing of cable trays. The contract works are related to the turnkey construction of two power units, No.5 and 6 in the Opole Power Plant by Polimex Opole.

  • June

    Putting into operation of the Power Generation Plant in Tychy.

  • July

    25.07.2016 Resignation of Mr Jacek Dreżewski as Member of the Supervisory Board of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA.

    Dividend record day.

  • August

    A contract for turnkey engineering, procurement and construction of the Metathesis Unit in the Production Plant of in Płock with Polski Koncern Naftowy ORLEN S.A.

    Dividend payment in total amount of 18 990 432 PLN

  • September

    Approval of the Strategy of ELEKTROBUDOWA for the years 2016–2018.

  • October

    An amendment to the contract with AREVA NP GmbH for additional electrical works at the site of the Nuclear Power Plant OLKILUOTO 3, Finland.

  • November

    Settlement of payments for works related to the construction of the National Stadium in Warsaw.

  • December

    ELEKTROBUDOWA included in the Respect Index again.

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The biggest ever contract of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA successfully completed

EC Tychy 2016 2016
EC Tychy 2013 2013

EC Tychy EC Tychy EC Tychy

The scope of the project

Construction of a new heat generation unit with fluidized bed boiler, heating and condensing turbine and associated plants in TAURON Ciepło Sp. z o.o. Zakład Wytwarzania Tychy.

The objective of the project

Modernization of generation capacity of combined heat and power generation plant Tychy.

Use of the subject of the project

A group of structures which perform the function of a power unit (combined heat and power generation) for the municipal heating system of Tychy.

In June 2016, after 36 months, ELEKTROBUDOWA SA completed on time the construction of heat generating unit BC-50 of electric power 58.3 MWe net and thermal power 86 MWt. The project was carried out on a turnkey basis, i.e. in design and build system with ELEKTROBUDOWA SA as the General Contractor for the whole investment project. The new, coal firing, fully automated and environmentally friendly, state-of-the art, highly efficient combined heat and power generation unit is located in Tychy and operated by TAURON Ciepło Sp. z o.o.

Main technological elements of the plant included:

  • highly efficient, low-emission fluidized bed boiler with electrostatic precipitator,
  • modern condensing turbine with heat extractions,
  • balance of plant equipment: fuel feed systems, transport and temporary storage of ashes, installations for producing demineralized water and compressed air, ventilation cooler, facilities for power evacuation to distribution power network,
  • necessary infrastructure: buildings including central control station, repair, maintenance and storage facilities, power network, water and wastewater systems, roads and yards.

The Project of nearly 600 million PLN, the highest project value in over 60-year history of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA, during the time of culmination of construction and assembly works provided employment for more than 1200 people and several dozen of subcontractor companies.

20 years on WSE

ELEKTROBUDOWA SA has been listed on Warsaw Stock Exchange for almost 20 years (the first trading session took place on 9 February 1996 with share price of 23.10 PLN). During this period of time the stock exchange price of the Company’s shares increased by almost five times, what was above-average result of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA as compared with the whole market represented by WIG, the widest stock exchange index, which increased about four times in that time. A particularly satisfying period for investors in the latest history of the Company was the time after accession of Poland to the European Union, which resulted in acceleration od development investments and economic boom in our country. Therefore, from mid 2003 until mid 2007 stock exchange price of the Company’s shares increased from about 11 PLN to more than 300 PLN, which was 27-times increase of stock exchange price, what meant about 129% growth annually.

During those 4 years, shares of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA were definitely ahead of the whole market represented by WIG index and caught up with sectoral subindex WIGConstruction, which from the beginning of its history from 1999 to 2007 managed better than shares of the Company. However, the biggest from over eighty years, global economic and financial crisis, which began in autumn of 2008 with the collapse of the American investment bank Lehman Brothers, hit hard at share quotations at stock exchange worldwide, including Warsaw Stock Exchange. Therefore, share quotations of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA behaved in accordance with the general trend, in main downward trend until the end of 2014, although in that time they behaved markedly better than companies from construction sector listed in WIG-Construction index, including also shares of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA. The Company is presently the second largest in WIG-Construction index (listing shares of 27 companies) with the share of over 11%. During the entire 2015 the share price of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA behaved much better than the whole market at Warsaw Stock Exchange.

During the last year the share price of ELEKTROBUDOWA SA rose by more than 75%, while WIG index lost almost 10%, and WIG-Construction index gained 36%.

Shareholders of the Company include leading financial institutions (OFE, TFI), which held together more than 85% of shares, representing the same number of votes at SM. Present capitalization of the Company, after 20 years on Warsaw Stock Exchange, amounts to 540 million PLN.

ELEKTROBUDOWA’s share price performance versus WSE indices in 1996-2016
(standardized charts, weekly closing prices).


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